Mon Père

The MonPère sleep tool is a new breed of travel pillow.

An unusual pillow, for an unusually good sleep.


Join us on Kickstarter October, 2017.

We're working to solve the universal problem of getting a good rest while you are on the move and we can't wait to show you want we're cooking up.

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Reshape the adjustable arm and fingers to support any body size in any seat. Support your head in your most comfortable position for an unparalleled headrest. Learn more when we launch our Kickstarter campaign October, 2017


Secure your head

Lean your head back, forward or to the side. MonPère keeps your head resting comfortably in the position you choose. No more bouncing around.


Ergonomic design

MonPère uses your natural pressure points to create resistance. Wake up feeling rested, not like you just got run over by a truck. Sized for children and adults.


Weird for a reason

Our quirky form is the sum of countless tests and prototypes. The result is an unexpected design with human form hands to keep your head resting securely.


Sylvain & Raphaëlle

MonPère founder and inventor Sylvain Bérubé is a sports therapist and trainer. When he saw his daughter Raphaëlle's bent sleep posture on a road trip, he did what dads do best. He fixed it. The MonPère sleep tool offers support, security and a quirky personality. Just like dad.


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