Travelling with kids


Today is all about getting ready to travel with your kids. Whether you have a baby, a toddler or your child is a bit older, travelling with them may be overwhelming at times.

That’s why we want to share with you some travel planning advice and our top ideas on how to entertain your kids when travelling. Get your pens out and start checking items on our list.

What to plan

  1. How to spend flight time

    Think ahead about how many hours you’ll fly and try to plan different activities you can do with your child. This way, you’ll get ideas on what you’d need to pack as well.
  2. Seat booking

    Booking seats at the aisle is a good idea, as you’ll get easier bathroom access.
  3. Frequent stops

    If you’re taking a road trip, plan frequent stops. It will keep your kids from getting bored and cranky.
  4. Choose kid friendly accommodation

    Maybe you can book a hotel with a playroom area. It will keep your children happy and safe, while you can enjoy a well-deserved cup of coffee or a holiday pamper session.
  5. Reward good behaviour

    We’re not talking bribery…But rewarding your kids with a little something for being well-behaved during travels may encourage them to be on their best behavior the next time they travel.

There it is. Our checklist for getting ready to travel with kids. Hope it helps!

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Maude Laplante