How to pack your carry on like your dad.


We’re excited to share with you our checklist for packing like a total boss!

Extensive travelling has taught us about what you’ll actually need on your flight to make your journey comfortable.

So here is what we think you should always pack in your carry on.

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  1. Your passport & travel documents

    We usually pack ours in a pouch, in the order we’re going to need them. If that’s too organized for you, well… don’t worry too much about it!

  2. Your valuables

    That means always keep your wallet and jewelry with you in your carry on at all times.
    If you forget anything else it’s fine. But never forget your documents and your money. The number one rule of travelling.

  3. Electronics

    Your laptop, your tablet, your e-book reader, your camera or anything else you’d take with you. Pack them in your carry on for safety reasons, if not for entertainment during your flight.

  4. Wet wipes

    Whether you’re travelling alone or with your kids, wet wipes will always come in handy. Cleaning tiny baby hands or anything else around you is just one wet wipe away.

    Oh and ladies, how good does it feel to be able to take off your make up during a long haul flight? Wet wipes packed? Yes? Ok then.

  5. Hand sanitizer

    Because, you know, when travelling, you just need it…

  6. Tooth brush & tooth paste

    We always pack ours in a zip lock bag. It’s such a great feeling when you’re getting off that plane feeling fresh and ready to see new places!

  7. Moisturizer

    We all know the air in airplanes can leave your skin feeling extra dry. So moisturizer can be a real life saviour.

  8. Eye mask

    We think an eye mask is essential especially for long haul flights. It can save you from the troubles of trying to get some sleep during daytime or even when people around you refuse to turn off their lights at night.

  9. Your MonPère travel pillow

    Yes, not just any travel pillow, but the MonPère one. Why? Because it’s secure, ergonomic and it will give you and your family the best nap you’ve ever had. After all, it was designed to feel just like a father’s hug: comforting and special. You can learn more about the MonPère adventure right here (insert link to site/social media)

  10. Blister plaster

    There’s nothing worse than getting a blister while you’re trying to visit places and enjoy your time. Keep a good plaster at hand and just don’t worry about a thing!

  11. Painkillers

    Why travel uncomfortably because of an ache when you can just take a pill and get on with your day? It always pays off to be prepared…

  12. A change of clothes

    Whether your checked in luggage gets lost or you just want to feel refreshed after a long flight, packing a change of clothes is always a great idea.

  13. A book or a magazine

    Whatever you fancy, this is all up to how you like to pass the time.

  14. Portable charger

    Packing a portable charger for your phone depends very much on how connected you really need to be. If you’re always on your phone, then don’t forget to check this on your list!

  15. Notebook

    For those of us that still enjoy planning with pen and paper…Or jotting down that brilliant idea…

  16. A pair of warm socks

    While for some packing fuzzy socks may be too much, there are plenty of people whose feet get cold while flying… If you need them, check them off your list ☺

  17. Your favourite scarf

    Ladies, this is for you again! A big and soft scarf can look great on you. But it can also double up as a blanket when you’re trying to catch a snooze…

  18. Some snacks and drinks

    It’s always a great idea to have your own snacks at hand just in case. Whether you’re trying to stay healthy, you have some allergies or you don’t enjoy plane food, packing your own snacks is a great idea.

  19. Toys

    For all the parents out there, travelling with their kids: do yourselves a favor and don’t forget their favorite toys!

Having trouble fitting it all in? Here’s some valuable packing tips from YouTube star Fleur de Force:

Happy packing, everyone!

Maude Laplante